The Venus VIVA is the new GOLD standard Nano-Factional resurfacing technology. It is the only fractional technology that offers clinicians complete versatility with customized treatment setting that allows you to address all the areas of concern on the face.

Venus VIVA utilizes a unique energy delivery mechanism called smart scan. This is designed to significantly improve clinical outcomes while minimizing patient discomfort by allowing the RF energy to be “scanned” into the tissue VIA an array of small pins resulting in up to 160 Micro-wounds.


The Venus VIVA is impressive with its tremendous potential for

-Skin laxity

-Texture improvements


-Acne scarring



-Pigmentation tissue

-Stretch marks

-Reducing signs of aging

-Decrease visible pores for even skin texture

-Over all facial rejuvenation and glow


Typical treatment protocol is 1 treatment every 4 weeks for 4-6 months to achieve desired results.

The Venus VIVA is designed to keep you looking as young and as beautiful as possible, while utilizing the worlds most advanced technology and energy delivery methods. The advanced technology creates new healthy tissue while ablating old, tired, and damaged tissue. This replacement of old to new gives the healthy glow and youthful look that is ideal for looking and feeling your absolute best.

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