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Fat Loss Ultrasound

Lose inches quickly by targeting your trouble spots! This low frequency ultrasound triggers the release of fat in unwanted areas like the abdomen, arms, back fat, muffin tops, inner thighs, bra fat and buttocks. You can lose anywhere between 1-7 inches in the matter of an hour treatment*.

For even better results with the fat loss ultrasound, we combine your treatment with a muscle activation machine which will further eliminate the fat by burning the burning process.

NARL Ultrasound diagram

What is a Fat Loss Ultrasound?

Losing inches and slimming down safely, painlessly, and effectively without harming your body in anyway. The name on this unique patented treatment stands for: Nor Adrenaline Release (NARL), which describes the physiological response to the procedure (which is burning fat and shrinking the fat cells and getting rid of the toxins in your fat cells).

NARL is the world’s first scientifically-proven Lipolysis (fat release techniques) using safe and non- invasive ultrasound technology.

This amazing inch loss treatment consists of pads filled with ceramic cells which deliver the ultrasound treatment at a specify frequency and intensity. These pads are then placed on the area you’d like to focus on.

* Results while using the Fat Loss Ultrasound may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual.