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Ideal Protein
Nourish Yourself
Ideal Protein

Nourish your body with the protein it requires for optimal health, vitality and energy. Our exclusive line protein packed products will provide you with a balance your body needs!

Serving  –  8 oz. Protein Drink or Bar
Benefits  –  Increased stamina, Increased energy, Balanced metabolism

Vibrogym Fitness
Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Less Time & Effort
Vibrogym Fitness

Vibrate yourself to a leaner you. A quick, effective fitness program utilizing vertical vibration. Always led by a personal trainer who will motivate and encourage you.

Session – 20 Minutes
Benefits – Strengthen, Tone, Increased Stamina

Sauna Pod
Revitalize Yourself
Alpha Led Sauna Pod

Pamper yourself back to vibrant health. This cutting edge technology will boost weight loss, increase energy, reduce cellulite, and detoxify your body.

Session  –  45 Minutes
Benefits  –  Weight loss, Detoxification, Increased metabolism, Pain relief, Increased energy

Achieve Peak Performance

Cryotherapy is new cutting edge technology that optimizes your body’s natural ability to achieve peak performance and improve overall well-being and appearance.

Session  –  Only 3 Minutes
Benefits  –  Boost weight loss
Positive Effects  –  Improves metabolic rate, Strengthens immune system, Aids in cell regeneration, Releases endorphins which reduce pain , Enhances oxygen and blood circulation, Reduces inflammation, pain, swelling and muscle soreness, Improves joint function and speeds up injury recovery, Improves skin, minimizes blemishes, and reduces cellulite

Venus Legacy
Redefine Yourself
Venus Legacy

Enjoy a pain free, Non-invasive skin tightening treatment for face and body. Diminish wrinkles, contour and dramatically reduce cellulite.

Session – 45 Minutes – 1 Hour
Benefits – Reduce Cellulite, Tighten and Lift
Results – Tighter & Improved Skin

Venus Viva
Smoother, Younger Looking Skin
Venus Viva

Uncover your natural radiance. Most advanced technology for facial resurfacing and facial remodeling. The results are tighter skin, improved skin texture, reduced scarring and more.

Session – 30 Minutes
Benefits – Natural Radiance
Results – Diminish wrinkles and scars, Improve overall skin condition

Advanced Facial
Advanced Facials for Beautiful Skin
Advanced Facials

Cool Peeling Facial:

A healthy approach to younger looking skin with no downtime, no burning, and no redness. Your best alternative to glycolic and chemical peels.

DF Facial:

This facial utilizes the DF machine and is considered the most effective in the world for enhancing penetration of high doses of vitamins and serums into the skin. Achieve healthy, youthful skin.

Session – 1 Hour
Benefits – Healthier, More Radiant Skin
Results – Tighter & Improved Skin

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