The Ideal Weight Loss Method

“Clients are losing 2 to 7 lbs per week”- Marisa

The Ideal Protein Method is a weight loss protocol that is medically developed by doctors. It is a professionally supervised life style program that has predictable and measurable results. It focuses on fat loss while maintaining muscle mass to maintain a healthy metabolism. One-on-one coaching with mandatory weekly weigh in sessions provides continuous education to empower you to keep the weight off. This method is not a high protein diet, but acts to provide adequate amount of protein to ensure muscle is not lost.  The Ideal program provides rapid results with a dieter losing an average of 2 to 7 lbs per week.

Ideal Protein Dietary Benefits:

-Quick effective weight loss

-Promotes fat loss

-Maintains muscle mass

-Cellulite reduction

-Improves skin

-Increases energy + vitality

-Naturally suppress appetite and cravings

-Helps correct insulin dysfunction

-Designed to ensure long term results


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